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Don Myers, CPA, created his Financial Advisory firm in 1980.

Originally designed to provide tax services to individuals and small businesses it quickly grew into a full-service accounting and tax firm.

As the need for clients’ services grew, the firm added CPAs, accountants, and support staff until it employed
20 people including 10 CPAs.

After many years of spending more time with his staff than with his clients, Don realized that client relationships were far more rewarding than staff meetings and started to reorganize his business to allow for more client contact.

What has evolved is a firm that has developed strategic relationships with other professionals, including CPAs, that is available to advise clients on the broadest of issues or the most detailed, depending upon what is needed.

Don’s vast knowledge and experience in a broad range of financial topics allows him to pick the appropriate members for a specially designed team to investigate the particular needs of a client and to recommend a precise course of action.

Wealth One, Inc. then provides customized referrals to local, highly qualified and duly licensed providers of professional services.

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